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Bulnes 12 40 is a place and a time for the meeting and missing of stories that live in the streets of the metropolis without end. Each wall reveals dramas, each corner houses desire, each window hides wandering eyes, lost in the hope that one day, they’ll too come to miss someone.


The stage for these tales is Buenos Aires and it's always Buenos Aires, no matter what the stage is. It is the Santa María Guardian of Universes, where the infinite pampa finds in the sea, where the sea rises from the Río de la Plata, itself born of souls, dreams and tears that stain the red velvet seats of subway cars. Its characters wander through milongas, stories starting from the end, strangers until they dance, to be then strangers again.


Their portraits are displayed as they leap the houses of a circular game, of eternal restart, leaping the house of love where they can’t ever leave a mark. Bulnes 12 40 is a place, a time: a missing point.


Released October 15

Produced by Denis Graeff

All songs written and recorded by Denis Graeff

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Cover photo:

Design: Paula Albuquerque

Photo: Elisandro Dalcin

Background photo by Elisandro Dalcin
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